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andprosaic yet far from tiring

日期:2020-04-12 16:36 来源:豆芽米线 作者:严淑明

   Compared to Manhatten with sky-scraping buildings, Florence isbetter liked for its ancient lanes covered with red domes anddrowned in the sunshine; compared to Lujiazui ablazed with lights,Wanhangdu Road is better liked for happy laughter from children atplay. Even if one day we become old enough, in our dreams willstill emerge the old gray houses, the scenes of hawking in thestreets with the soft Wu dialect, as well as the lanes full ofwarmth and memory.


The narrow lanes can never slow the fast pace of happinessspreading, as we find no way to prevent the building of denselylaid-out, indifferent skyscrapers in a big city. Faced with heavytraffic on the streets and foul air around, we find our happinessgradually fading and falling. The more spacious room we live in,the more separated from each other we are. Our mind is restrictedin an isolated space through forbidding others’ to make incursionsinto ours, or vice versa. However, when we eventually settle down,the noisy episodes that once bored us attract us to look back in anostalgical and tender way.

It sounds noisy yet anything but well fed-up for us to chat withour neighbours and visitors about household trifles in a teasingway, showing craftiness through narrowed eyes in perfect unison, orsit at table with the family, our mouths filled with food andmaking unclear articulation.

Time polishes and shapes everything that has happened in ourlife , thus creating a custom and culture with mutualunderstanding.

While plants in the fields at the end of the lanes aren’t asgreen as those in the hills and mountains, signs of life can befound here and there, in contrast to its absence from the wild.Under the road lamps, which give out yellowish light, peoplesitting on each bench have different moods, namely sweetness andhappiness, or sorrow and joy, mingling and gradually developing inthe tranquil surroundings. What a surprise, who knows, is waitingfor us at the next corner: Is it a snack bar owning a unique styleand a continuous flow of customers? Or a bar with Jazz beingplayed? Or a small cafe featured with long-legged wooden chairs andidle atmosphere? It may also be a pleasure for us to sit on thewooden chairs with sunshading umbrellas open, and talk abouttrifles with newly-made friends over tea.

Light, golden makeup is gradually put on to delicate pottedplants in the yards, by rays of dawn going through antique carvedwindow lattices. Then, the sound of frying eggs come into our ears,followed by children’s piping voices, switch-on noises by vehicles,merry goodbye from couples as well as simple greetings betweenneighbours. Things happening in the lanes are naturally in a stateof being busy yet far from chaotic, lively yet far from noisy, andprosaic yet far from tiring.

It is often said that an ordinary hermit prefers to live in thewild and an extraordinary in the crowds. The true happiness isn’tmysterious, which can be tracked in the streets rather than in thewoods.

The lifestyle of living in seclusion seems to have beentraditionally considered to reach the highest level of happiness.Since selecting this lifestyle, full of aloofness and arrogance,means selecting to live in solitude, only a slight minority ofpeople are willing to follow the principle strictly, whereasevidences collected from the minority can hardly be used to accountfor the happy states of those public.

Simple Happiness by Dwelling in the Lanes







和来家中做客的邻居朋友用同一种腔调巧妙地笑谑着身边的琐事,一边谈着自己小小的生活,和新认识的朋友一边喝茶,会是一家风格独特食客不断的小吃店?是一家放着爵士乐的酒吧?还是一家摆着高脚木凳、连空气都闲散的小小咖啡馆?坐在户外撑着遮阳伞的木椅上,在静谧中缓缓发酵。谁也不会知道在下一个转角中会是怎样的惊喜,交织在一起,甜蜜与快乐、悲伤与喜悦,每一张长椅都写着不同的心情,但是空气中弥漫着荒野中所没有的生机。微黄的路灯下, 一切, 巷尾的绿地虽然没有山野的苍翠欲滴, 这些年,这些爱豆怎么纷纷退出了组合?,而姜恩惠也是韩国比较知名的演员,很多人知道她都是通过一部大尺度影片认识的,从一名默默无闻的演员,到名气飚升,姜恩惠的演艺生涯充满看了艰辛。 同样是以性感著称

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